Please find a gallery below of three bodies of work. All work created 2018/19.
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  • A Traveling Practice: to be published in the upcoming Movement Research Performance Journal Native Issue.

Crossings: created and exhibited for Mana Moana, Mana Wāhine Exhibition for Interisland Collective, May 2019.
Curated by Ahilapalapa Rands, Jo Walsh and Jessica Palalagi.

  • Performance stills from work-in-progress Excavātion, performed at Denniston Hill, June 2018.

    Excavātion explores Pelenakeke’s medical record and the histories she has found through this investigation about her history and her mother’s story. She is performing in front of an installation of her medical record on the wall.

Performance stills from second iteration of Excavātion: an archival process.

A multi-disciplinary work using text, audio, visuals and movement. This work continues to investigate Pelenakeke’s medical record and melds all her practices together. The work plays with different ways to investigate, re-imagine the archive and re-inscribe her body in real-time. The work plays with different disability aesthetics and how one can be witnessed.

Developed during her Dance/NYC Disability Dance Artistry Residency and performed in June 2019. A shorter excerpt performed at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, and full version performed June 24th at the Gibney Dance Center.