“I have been working with hair and the narratives that we each hold within our hair. I am interested in conversations, memories, stories, and language around our sense of self through the entry point of hair. Hair can many things, a site of resistance, an identity marker and a connection to our ancestors and lineage.

This participatory work invites participant to sit for a 15 minute live-drawing session. While I draw, I ask them to 'tell me a story about your hair, and how it does (or doesn't) tie into your identity.' The stories shared touch upon the politics of hair and our identity. It is important for me to create a reciprocal environment for sharing and listening.

From these initial drawing sessions, I have created dry-point etchings, transcribed the audio and created an audio track. First exhibited at the National Academy Museum, and part of my solo exhibition 'In Conversation With Line, April 5- 29, 2017. This is an on-going work, which I will continue in a series of upcoming public installations with Baruch Performing Arts Center and Bronx Museum of the Arts.” -Pelenakeke Brown

Installation location: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY

Photographer: Christian Anayas

Model: Matt Smoak

3_Brown_In Conversation-1.jpg

Exhibition location: National Academy Museum and School of Fine Art, New York, NY 

Photographer:  Russ Sharma