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down in the river Pelenakeke Brown, Yo-Yo Lin

Pelenakeke Brown Movement Research


As the Laundromat Project alumni Fellow for the summer, I’ll be at Denniston Hill, in residence until the end of August. I’m so excited for this time to slow down, think, read and keep developing my ideas and art practice.

JUNE 24, 2019

8 pm, Excavātion: an exploratory process.
Gibney Dance, 53A Chambers Street, Studio Y, NY 10007
Accessible entrance 280 Broadway.

Join me for an evening of witnessing as she shares her work-in-progress "Excavātion: an archival process' which investigates her personal medical record. The work plays with different ways to investigate, re-imagine the archive and re-inscribe my body in real-time. The work plays with different disability aesthetics and how we can witness someone.

Photo credit: Laura Hetzel  A black and white image of Pelenakeke lying on the ground one arm outstretched above her head and another bent slightly with her hair outstretched like a fan on the ground.

Photo credit: Laura Hetzel

A black and white image of Pelenakeke lying on the ground one arm outstretched above her head and another bent slightly with her hair outstretched like a fan on the ground.

JUNE 11th, 2019

Please join me for the event: Immigration and Disability: examining the nexus of movement making co-hosted by Dance/NYC and the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Lincoln Center. The event will host a panel of disability immigrant dance makers and artists curated by myself and a performance of new in-progress work by myself. As many of you know immigrant and disability justice are intertwined for me so I am very excited about the conversations that will be occurring this evening. 

When: Tuesday,  June 11, 2019, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Where: New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Bruno Walter Auditorium, 111 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10023

MAY 31- JUNE 2ND, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 10.13.54 PM.png

This weekend May 31- June 2nd the closing events of the exhibition 'Talk Back' are occurring with a wide range of brilliant disabled artists sharing their work and disability artistry. I will definitely be there on June 2nd and hope to see as many of you as possible. I have a new work in the show called a 'Travelling Practice' a visual text/drawing that explores the keyboard and the ways it holds crip time and the Samoan concepts of vā and tā. The exhibit was mentioned in this week's NY Times as a show to go to with a shoutout to my work. This is a new series for me and visual language I am developing and exploring. Full schedule here. 

APRIL 2019

IMG_0284 2.jpg

So excited to say I’m part of this fierce cohort of artists. Pretty bloody grateful and proud to be recognized alongside these artists. Thanks to all my fam and artist friends (all over the world) who have supported my journey thus far and thanks to Dance/NYC!!: “Today Dance/NYC and program partners Gibney and Spaceworks announce grantees of the Disability. Dance. Artistry. Residency Program, made possible by the generous support of the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs: Axis Dance Company ; Carina Ho; Infinity Dance ; Mark Travis Riviera , Marked Dance Project; and myself

Learn more, including about the announcement of a second round: #DisabilityDanceArtistry

Credit Template _Unique_lowercase.jpg

APRIL 1, 2019


This year is shaping up to be exciting and I am really pleased to invite you to three evenings of performance. I have been selected the Artists of Color Council to curate three artists as part of Movement Research at Judson Churchseries. I have selected Rodney Bell, Caroline Garcia, and Te Ao Mana, led by Kaina Quenga and Anthony Aiu responding to the theme ‘Body Sovereignty.’ Body sovereignty is being in control of how we live in relationship with our body & in control of how our body is in relationship with the world. I have curated queer and disabled bodies as I wanted to honor each different artist and sovereign body along with the inherent indigeneity of each of them.

The use of the word sovereignty is deliberate as it has many legal & historical connotations & is often used in reference to fanua (land) independence. It is fitting then that each of the artists, all from the Pacific will be responding to the theme in relationship to their own personal practice.

The curation begins April 1st, 8 pm, with Rodney Bell (Ngati Maniapoto), who has extensively practiced in NZ and overseas. After dancing with many companies in the Bay area including AXIS he didn’t have enough resources to return home, ending up living on the streets and overstaying. Rodney’s inability to enter onto US soil is an integral component to the work, calling to attention the current immigration crisis occurring in the US but also across the world. His work explores the sovereignty of his body with the absence of his physical self through video work produced by Samoan performance designer, Owen McCarthy.

In curating Rodney, I wanted to highlight who else may not be in the space and also ask how can we care for our bodies and each other by asking him to present work. These questions I think are even more important after the white supremacist terror attacks that occurred in Christchurch to our Muslim community. As a disabled dancer, I also wished to see how Rodney would respond and explore the sovereignty of his body. Rodney will be presenting a video work and will have Samoan artist Katrina George performing in response to the video. We do need assistance paying for her flights from New Zealand, so if you could support us either by sharing our fundraising campaign or donating, all amounts appreciated. To support us click here.  

November 8, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 11.10.37 AM.png

Closing keynote: Stories from the Field. I was nervous and excited to speak at the Dance/NYC Immigrants. Dance. Arts. Conference, ending the note alongside Kayvon Pourazar and Marco Castillo telling our own immigrant stories.

OCTOBER 27, 2018


World Culture Festival: Our Future, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Join me in the Oceanic Gallery to explore the Samoan concept of the Va by connecting this traditional way of seeing with your own experimental drawing, connecting the ancestral knowledge through the contemporary tool of the keyboard. 

Floor 1, Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas, Gallery 354


Residency: July 24- 29, 2018 

MAY 2018


I am super excited to have formed 'Alien Support Service' with fellow Alien artists, Yuko Uchida, Marianna Olinger and Kyung Eun You. 

The United States Citizen & Immigration Service (USCIS) has classified us as ‘Aliens’. In response we have formed the Alien Support Service (ASS) to share our collective stories of our alien experience.

Our goal as a collective is to produce visually interesting zines which weave together our immigrant (alien) stories, combining the humorous with the darkness that often comes with being ‘Other’ in a new environment. 

We will be launching two issues of our zine 'AlieNation Survival Guide' in the Fall 2018. 

Follow us 

APRIL, 2018


I have joined the staff at Culture Push, an arts organization that supports artists with socially engaged art works often in their initial stages. As the new Assistant Director I am excited to support and learn from the artists and staff. 

Join us June 26, 2018, 6 - 9 pm as we celebrate our community and honor Ed Woodham from Art in Odd Places at our upcoming benefit. 

Purchase a $25 party ticket or a $65 (before June 22), party + donated art work. 




I'll be working in Harlem with 4 other artist collaborators as part of my Fellowship program. So excited to be part of this great organization. 

Check out my interview below and more about LP and my fellow artist collaborators. 



La Bodega Gallery 

695 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 


La Bodega presents Rendering Likeness a group show featuring my work 'Which self did you reveal today?'

I hope you can make it to the gallery and see this fascinating show with  amazing artists! 


Artist in Residence, Ana Pekapeka Studio, Corbans Art Estate, Auckland New Zealand

Invited by Rosanna Raymond and Ruth Woodbury of Ana Pekapeka Studio to create and present work in a short term residency. 

Ruth Woodbury, Pelenakeke and Rosanna Raymond  Photo credit: Raymond Sagapultele

Ruth Woodbury, Pelenakeke and Rosanna Raymond

Photo credit: Raymond Sagapultele

On Day 1, Rosanna set the wero (challenge): to create a new body of work during my time at the studio. The provocation came in the form of an object, the taonga (pictured around my neck) that was my grandmother's and in which I had recently found and brought into the studio that first morning. Now a text to complete the provocation, Rosanna opened a book and read

'we perform our last rites, in the circle of stones built by our grandmothers' - Victoria Kneubuhl

There was definitely a grandmother theme! From this text and taonga, I spent the next day and a half reading about the myths surrounding Pounamu and its history. Looking at the Maori gods and goddesses and finding their Samoan counterparts. I read about the goddess Hine ahua who found Pounamu, exploring the origin behind the word ahua which I roughly translate to: the thing before the thing appears. Trying to answer this question of what does the thing before the thing look like, drove my final day of exploration. This led me to the concept of manava, and drawing with one's breath. I finally created a series of figures or ahua/ atua which I exhibited, as well as my exploratory drawings.

I am so grateful to the Wahine Toa of Ana Pekapeka Studios, Ruth Woodbury and Rosanna Raymond for enveloping me so warmly into their space and supporting me during this equally daunting and beautiful experience. It was an amazing homecoming for me. Fa'afetai lava, alofa atu. 

SEPTEMBER 17, 2018


12- 8 pm

Abrons Art Center


In honor of National Constitution Day, Maya Ciarrocchi will hold an eight-hour reading of the United States Constitution, read in multiple languages by multiple performers. This celebration of we the people will take place in Abrons’ outdoor amphitheater and will include food and drink, participatory writing and political discussion.


I'll be reading 5:30- 6:30 with David Thomson and Okwui Okpokwasili. 


September 10, 2017

Boogie on the Boulevard 

Present by Bronx Museum of the Arts

As part of the immigrant Artist Collective, I will be at this event, drawing portraits and listening to stories. Supported by NYFA. 


See you there! 

Triple Goddesses, A Performative-Based Talanoa (talk): Navigating Spaces as Pacific Bodies in an Embodied Art Practice.

ORA Gallery invites you Friday, 16 June, 6 – 8 pm for an evening of talanoa (talk) and embodied art practice, with Rosanna Raymond, Jahra Wasasala and Pelenakeke Brown. Collectively they will weave their individual practices, and pose questions as to what an embodied practice means for them in the ways that they each navigate, confront, and engage with space and spaces as Goddesses of the Pacific. 

Curated by Pelenakeke. 

Ka Ora

On view June 3 - 25, 2017

Opening Reception: June 3, 5- 8 pm


KA ORA (I LIVE) is the last show for ORA Gallery New York and a celebration of the extraordinary life of a small Chelsea gallery. ORA has been a window into Aotearoa New Zealand and a marae (community hub) for many New Zealanders in New York.


On view May 18 – June 13, 2017

Opening Reception: May 18, 6 – 9 PM

Join us as the National Academy Museum & School is transformed by the vision of the National Academicians, faculty, alumni, and students.

This will be the final exhibit held in the historic building on 5th Avenue. Please join me in farewelling this great location and institution. 

April 5 - 29, 2017

Join me for my solo exhibition:A Conversation With Line

Opening Reception: Wednesday, April 5th, 6 - 8 pm

5 E 89th Street, 

Sonia Gechtoff Gallery

National Academy School and Museum

March 8 - 31 2017


Reasoning On Paper: The Myth of Herself

Please join me for my first solo show

Opening reception: Wednesday, March 8th, 6 - 8pm

At ORA Gallery, 51 7th Ave (between 13/ 14th Street)




Saturday, March 25, 2017

Speyer Hall

184 Eldridge Street 

What happens when a body must function outside of linear time and normative progression from point A to point B?


Opening < > Speed is a collaborative installation and performance project by artist and performer Pelenakeke Brown, dancer Jerron Herman, dancer iele paloumpis, interdisciplinary artist and choreographer Marissa Perel, and video artist Marin Sander-Holzman. This group of artists and dancers with disabilities seeks to generate such choreography through dialogues about how we move through the world, opening up our experiences to one another as an antidote to speed and other normative expectations of physical production.

In the month of March, Pelenakeke, Jerron, iele, and Marissa will engage in a studio practice centered on these dialogues. They will ask each other questions related to how they move, what gives them pleasure in their bodies, what doesn't, how their bodies and identities are perceived in the world, and how they do or do not experience belonging, solidarity and support. They will create choreographic scores out of these dialogues, shaping an installation in the theater of University Settlement that will house both the performers and the audience in an open, inviting space.

The performance will run from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and will be followed by a conversation with the audience and performers.

Dec 2016

Very proud to be an artist included in this special folio with Apogee Journal #NoDAPL #StillHere, Native and Anti-Colonial Craft Against Dispossession.  Read here


As contributing Editor Sarah Clark says

"We hope that this folio will be a healing space, an educational space, a space for catharsis but also for understanding. In the words of poet Natalie Diaz, “One of the reasons the police and state/government violence are being delivered on the nonviolent actions of water protectors is that most Americans still can’t imagine indigenous people outside of what history narrated. We aren’t real to many Americans. If you can’t imagine a people, you can’t imagine loving them … so you can’t have compassion or respect for them.” We wanted to make space for Natives, Native voices, and voices of colonial resistance where we could, as humble as these spaces may be. 

Just as this struggle is not over, neither is Apogee’s commitment to welcoming indigenous voices at our journal, now and in the future. Bearing witness to the pain and resistance of Natives at Standing Rock, as well as indigenous and colonized people around the world is both an act of resistance and a gift. A gift that I cannot express enough gratitude for."

Nov 20, 2016- 4pm at BAX

As part of Brooklyn Arts Exchange AIR Open Studio Showings with dancer Marissa Perel, myself and Jerron Herman have been invited to perform and read letters out loud that Perel has written to us both, that we have not yet had the opportunity to read. More info on date and time here with a write up by Jess Barbagello in the Brooklyn Rail here. The work is titled 'Tell me the parts of myself that I might not yet be able to name.'

“Over the course of this open studio, they’ll be reading these letters out loud, referencing points of intersection and points of difference in our relationships, and what I hope working together can be, what I hope to find, experience, and finally be able to share with them, as fellow crips and fierce performers.” Marissa Perel

Oct- Nov 2016

I'll be traveling to the Vermont Studio Center, in Johnson, VT for a 1 month residency from Oct 23- Nov 18. I'm really excited to have the opportunity to have a dedicated studio space again and be a part of an arts community and make new work. 

Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 10.26.42 PM.png

October 2016

Ensemble cast member/ co-collaborator with Gender/Power Composition IV to be performed at JACK from October 13- 15. To find out more details and buy tickets click here


Photo credit: Julia Cervantes

The James Franco Review .jpeg

September 2016

I had my first piece of writing a non-fiction essay published by the James Franco Review. 'The Body Remembers, Tua-Back,' selected by guest editor Karolyn Gehrig for Issue 8: Bodies of evidence. Read here. 

June 2016- June 2017

I am really excited to be participating in this years New York Foundation of the Arts immigrant Artist Program: Social Practice. 

This is a year long mentorship and collaborative program. For more info on the program and the other amazing artists click here. 

Urban Xl

12 June 2016

URBAN x INDIGENOUS: Remember Our Place? will take place on Sunday, June 12, 2016 at SOMArts Bay Gallery - presented by Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center with support from SOMArts Cultural Center as part of the 19th Annual United States of Asian America Festival: Civil Dis(place)ment.

Centered on the API-experience but in alliance with all indigenous peoples, URBAN x INDIGENOUS aims to unite cultural and urban performance-based artists and strengthen the network of urban-indigenous artists towards collective action through arts as activism.

More details/ tickets here

May 2016

Selected as an ArtSlant Showcase winner in the drawing section for 2016. 

To see my work and the other winners see here

May 26 - 29 2016

Fun Size, at Treat Gallery 

Opening reception May 26, 417 W57th Street, NY, 6 - 8pm

My piece 'Bad Hair Day' received an honorable mention in the juried show!

See my piece and other submissions here

13217591_1148655015184863_7579673248931777832_o (1).jpg

22 May 2016

'ORA Wahine' as part of Ladies Who Launch at 360 Space will be open Sunday May 22 from 11 - 5 pm for the Children's Museum of the Arts Family Day at 104 Charlton Place

creative mischief 2016.jpeg

May 19 - 29 2016

Creative Mischief at National Academy Museum

1089 5th Ave

I will have an installation in the round gallery called the Myth of Herself. I hope to see you there! 

April- May 2016

I have six drawings in this exhibit 'Black & White Perspectives: Works on Paper' that I am very excited about! On view from April 14- May 8 at Sonia Gechtoff Gallery

April 21 2016

Indigenous Dance Forum, Dixon Place, LES, NY

As part of Jack Gray's Artist in Residence at APA NYU I took part in many of his community initiatives, including his Dances with Wolves movement workshops and finally was an artist activator at the Indigenous Dance performance. 



March 10 2016

Every year at the Bailey House Gala & Auction thousands are donated to this charitable foundation. This year I donated one of my drawings to the auction to be sold, with all proceeds going towards the Bailey House. 


March 2 2016

Yuko Uchida's Circus coming to the Armory

Pier 94, Armory Show, Manhattan, NY

Parade held around Pier 94, Armory show. I performed as one of five clowns for artist Yuko Uchido

Meadow walk Art Fair

September 19 2015

Meadow walk Art Fundraiser on Centre Island, LI, NY

This was the second annual meadow walk fundraiser held in Centre Bay, Long Island. Part of the proceeds are donated towards programs at Oakcliff Sailing Center.




Aug 1- Aug 31 2015

'Hui, the Gathering'

ORA Gallery, 51 7th Ave (between 13/14 street)

For this exhibition I created a site-specific installation on one of the columns drawing on the wall itself. My piece was called 'Drawing in the Space.' Many thanks to Giarna TeKanawa for offering the space and my dream to draw directly on a wall

'Who? A One Night Art Show

August 1 2015

'Who' A One Night Art Show & Gig' 

Palisades, Brooklyn, NY

Curated by Michele Rave Grassani

'Face It' The Face in Contemporary Art

June 6- July 11 2015

'Face It' The Face in Contemporary Art

Site:Brooklyn, 165 7th Street, Brooklyn NY

Exhibition juried by Annette Rose-Shapiro

May 16- 24 2015

Creative Mischief

National Academy Museum, 1083 5th Ave

May 2015

I was a guest contributor for Le Va. See my blog post here

Oakcliff Sailing Seashore Art Show

March 7 2015

'Seashore' Pop-Up Art show' 

Oakcliff Sailing Center, Oakcliff, LI

Creative Mischief 2014

May 15 - 18 2014

Creative Mischief

National Academy Museum, 1083 5th Ave