'Va is the space between, the betweenness, not empty space, not space that separates but space that relates, that holds separate entities and things together in the Unity-that-is-All, the space that is context, giving meaning to things.  The meanings change as the contexts/relationships change.'

Albert Wendt, Tatauing the Postcolonial Body, Originally published in Span 42-43 (April-October 1996): 15-29.

This idea of the 'Va' drives all my work. In this drawing the figure is reduced down to one single movement, which is then repeated many times. It is now also a movement and rhythm. The lines are individual however they are still connected to each other. The installation is an unveiling of the 'Space' or 'Va' in which my figures can come alive.

Unveiling the Va,  2014, Black Pen on Paper, 4.4x 12 feet